Quinoa, for the sweet tooth!

Working with Quinoa has opened my mind in many ways and also it has made me learn about the diet in Inca times.

Today I am going to show you that there’s no waste if you work with Quinoa, not even the water where you boil it!

In the past years I have met a few people that have asked me what can they do to replace caffeine and, at the same time, adding some extra value to their diet.

My answer was simple: Do like the Incas did!

Tea and coffee were not in the ancient South American culture, they were introduced by the Spanish conquerors. So, If you are wondering how did they keep themselves warm in that cold and dry weather up in the Andes? The answer is simple: just using Quinoa! As a culture that was very concern about wastage and nutrition, the Incas used almost everything as a resource of food. Here is a note for everyone! Remember that this culture had the mother earth, the water, the sun, the rain and animals as their gods, so they had to be grateful with what their gods provide them!

As we already know, Quinoa was at that time the mother grain and was used either in their normal diet as in medical treatments.  So here is my answer…lets do as the Incas did!

Today I am sharing with everybody two of my recipes made with Quinoa.  But first, a bit of history…

The Spanish “Arroz con Leche” , which was introduced  to Peru by the conquerors, was adopted by Peruvian cuisine and soon became one of the most popular desserts in Peru. In Inca times, previously to the arrival of the Spanish, ingredients like milk or eggs, were banned for the people and were ruled out from the regular diet. The reason was that people were not allowed to interfere in the natural cycle and milk was drunk by calfs and eggs were shelters for a new animal life. They only could be eaten under prescription and just for elderly people and unweaned babies.

With the arrival of the Spanish to the New World (America) those ingredients were finding they way into the local diet, as well as the native ingredients, like Quinoa.

From this mix of cultures and times rises my  “Sweet of Quinoa” and while we are making this dessert we are going to use the Quinoa water to create an infused drink “Calientito de Quinoa” that will keep us warm in this cold winter, like the Incas used to do!

To join me  making this two delicious and nutritive recipes, check the following posts: “Sweet of Quinoa” and “Calientito de Quinoa”.

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2 Responses to Quinoa, for the sweet tooth!

  1. jani says:

    Wow! What a great way to blend flavours based on a mix of tradition and cultural influence. The sweet quinoa recipe based on Spain’s arroz con leche sounds like a healthy treat. I’m keen to give it a go, thanks for the history note too!

    • alejandrosaravia says:

      Thank you Jani!

      It’s true, and that’s what I love about food!

      The understanding of ingredients and recipes, that then will give you the chance to create new recipes based on your own interpretation.

      Let us know how did you go in this new adventure!

      Buen provecho!


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