Flavoured INKArnation at The Lincoln

Fainted lights contrasting Kings Cross´ neons, relaxed atmosphere evading bustling Bayswater Road…a luxury setting where sophistication and refinement, blended with a friendly world-class service makes you feel at home but away from home.

Welcome, you are at The Lincoln

Inside, the experience offers a dressed table, seven courses of Modern Peruvian cuisine, exotic ingredients and a Chef who loves food and innovation.

The Lincoln presents, ”A taste of PERú” – Winter Sessions

“A taste of PERúis the culinary result of Chef Alejandro Saravia to strengthen the cultural ties between Australia and Peru.

Following the success of “A taste of PERú(April, 2009 at Sydney’s north side) and “Andean Flavours” (October, 2009 for the Sydney International Food Festival at Sheraton on the Park) Saravia continues introducing his interpretation of Peruvian cuisine to Australian palates.

A seven course degustation dinner with matched Argentinean wines (Jed Wines) hosted at The Lincoln during July (21st, 22nd, 28th, and 29th). Guests will also taste traditional Peruvian Pisco, presented in different cocktails by The Lincoln´s bar team.

In his menu, Chef Saravia combines fresh Australian ingredients with imported Peruvian products, and prepares them using both modern and traditional cooking techniques. Jed Wines portfolio is a trip made by Australian winemakers to the best Argentinean wine region.

Guests will savour dishes like Chala, (coast in Quechua dialect), a tribute to Peruvian coastal cuisine with Japanese scallop ceviche (pronounced se-vi-che), Cristal Bay prawn tiradito and swordfish anticucho. Pacha (earth in Quechua dialect) is Saravia´s interpretation of Peru´s land treasures with Huancaína Mille-feuille, Andean corn tamal with grilled halloumi, and Lima bean causa with Peruvian salsa. The menu will also showcase Peruvian desserts such as a sweet quinoa consommé and a lúcuma alfajor with custard apple purée and carob parfait.

“A taste of PERú supports Peru´s Challenge, an Australian non-profit-organization created to improve the standard of living in rural Peruvian communities affected by extreme poverty. A $5 donation from each ticket sold will be made to Peruʼs Challenge because “A taste of PERú believes every bit counts.

While keeping his roots, Saravia puts forth an interpretation of Peruvian cuisine that is creative and modern, and portrays refinement of culinary art in The Lincoln Presents, “A taste of PERú” – Winter Sessions.

The result is a light, yet down to earth cuisine that ensures to be a memorable experience.

For more information, bookings, or menu go to:


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