Behind the Scenes

Last Wednesday we celebrated an exclusive media dinner at The Lincoln to launch The Lincoln presents, “A taste of PERú” – Winter Sessions, a series of Degustation nights during July (21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th) to be held at The Lincoln.

The guests were received with a traditional Pisco cocktail with a modern twist by The Lincoln´s lovely bar team and a delightful corn fed chicken with porcini  and Aji mayonnaise on melba toast canapé.

After introductions,  they were guided to the dinning room where Chef Saravia  presented  “A taste of PERú” – Winter Sessions : BEHIND THE SCENES.

A seven course degustation dinner where guest enjoyed, between the entrées, a fresh Japanese scallop ceviche,  swordfish anticucho or Lima bean causa . The Andean corn tamal with grilled halloumi or the Huancaína mille-feuille were just one the samples of Chef Saravia´s interpretation of Peruvian flavours.

The mains, a tender lamb backstrap with seco sauce and celeriac purée accompanied with  carapulcra or the  steamed blue eye cod with sudado based organic quinoa and wild mushrooms were a delicious mix of  Peruvian coast and Andean Sierra.

Lúcuma alfajor with a soft and creamy carob parfait and the sweet aromatic organic quinoa consomé with caramelized fruits and pops were the final touch of the dinner.

Jed Wines were between the guests, and we took the opportunity of having  a table full of experts to work on the combination of Peruvian food and Argentinean wines made by Australian winemakers.

BEHIND THE SCENES was a lovely evening with food passionate people and  Chef Saravia explaining the secrets of his brand new menu and his personal vision of Peruvian food.

An explosion of flavours, colours and textures which culminated in what is going to be The Lincoln presents, “A taste of PERú” – Winter Sessions.

Degustation nights are ON!

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