De Ollas y sueños – Cooking up dreams

Ernesto Cabellos’ delightful “foodie” film questions whether an entire nation can be represented through its cuisine.

This documentary journeys to the kitchens of Peru’s coast, highlands and jungle, as well as Peruvian expat communities in Paris, London, Amsterdam and New York for answers.

From the most humble family kitchens to the most expensive restaurants, from stories of pioneering Peruvian chefs abroad to those unsung chefs who preserve ancient recipes at home, we find that Peru’s cuisine transcends ethnic and economic differences.

Renowned chefs such as Gastón Acurio, Ferran Adrià, Juan Mari Arzak and Bernardo Roca Rey share their views on Peru’s cuisine alongside those unsung chefs, who also dream of Peru’s cuisine as a motor of development.


Presented in collaboration with Movidas Journeys and “A taste of PERú“.

Cooking Up Dreams will be followed by a tasting experience prepared by

“A taste of PERú head chef Alejandro Saravia.


Sunday 05 of September 2010, 01:45 pm – 03:45 pm,

Dendy Cinema Opera Quays, NSW

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