At the Electrolux Cooking School in Melbourne

Last week was specially exiting for “A taste of PERú because we had our first experience in Melbourne! And nothing better to start than a couple of Masterclasses at the Electrolux cooking school.

Since the beginning we felt like at home, surrounded by lovely people.

The first day was “Entre ceviches y tiraditos” where Melburnians tasted Chef Saravia’s famous ceviche, tiradito, and lomo saltado among others. They were very interested in trying new ingredients and flavours and their expectations were met by “A taste of PERú.

The second day was “Andean Flavours” where chupe de camarones (for all those who went to our last Degustation dinners, chupe was the delightful soup) was the centre of attention in the cold but sunny wintery morning. Seco de cordero or causa were enjoyed and acclaimed as favourites with carapulcra and a of course, a touch of quinoa.

We would like to say thanks to the Electrolux Cooking school team in Melbourne and to all those who went and enjoyed with us the Peruvian flavours. All the ingredients to come back soon.

See you Melboune.

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