What about a fresh CEVICHE?

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, one of Peruvian ambassadors is CEVICHE, made from freshly caught, raw fish cut into healthy sized chunks, marinated in juice from limes grown solely in northern Peru (key limes), and covered with Julienne sliced purple onions.

The fame of ceviche rises from the ultra fresh nature of the fish, chili peppers, purple onions, and lime juice used in its preparation. Yet, as with all aspects of Peruvian cuisine, ceviche is subject to variation, so one can find mixed seafood ceviche, shrimp ceviche, clam ceviche, and scallop ceviche.

Behind every “ceviche” are many myths and stories. The first legend is about its creation, in fact we know that the old Peruvians used to eat raw fish, for the pre-Incas cultures raw fish was part of their diet, raw fish seasoned with sea salt and ají (peruvian chili). Sour oranges or other sour fruits were used to gently cook the fish. The Spanish contribution to the dish is the lemon. At that time, the first written recipe of a ceviche was created.

The origins of the name tells another myth, it is said that the name was created from the Arabic word “cebo” which means “small piece of food”, in a diminutive way of saying it could possibly sound like “Ceviche”.

Another legend tells that when English sailors arrived to the coast of Peru, they saw native Peruvians eating small pieces of raw fresh fish. They called it “Sea beach” pronounces by natives as “seviche”. Besides from all this exiting myths and legends there is also the big debate about the spell of this delicious plate, “cebiche”, “seviche”, “ceviche”, all of them accepted.

If you want to enjoy a fresh ceviche, among other Peruvian beautiful dishes, book NOW!


Dates: Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th of September, 2010

Venue: The Lincoln, Kings Cross

Price: $100 ( Five course dinner w/ pisco cocktail)

$80 ( Five course vegetarian dinner w/pisco cocktail)

Time: Guests to be seated from 6.00pm to 8.00pm

Bookings at: info@peruvianconcept.com or 0413624840

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