PICARONES, the sweet touch!

PICARONES are a very popular dessert in Peru originated in the Viceroyalty. The main ingredient is squash and sweet potato. Picarones are served in a doughnut form and covered with a syrup, made from chancaca (a typical Peruvian sweet sauce made of raw unrefined sugar and crystallized with honey). Chancaca is often flavored with orange peel, to give picarones a bitter touch.

In Peru you can find Picarones in street stalls where Picaroneras (women who make picarones) shouting to sell the product. They are freshly made, sweet, soft and delicious!

Picarones were created during the colonial period to replace Buñuelos (Spanish  fritters consisting in wheat-based yeast dough and flavored with anise). As buñuelos were too expensive to make people started replacing traditional ingredients with squash and sweet potato.

A new dessert was created. Picarones rapidly increased in popularity throughout the country and since then, Picarones are a must among Peruvians.

Don’t miss it out! Chef Saravia’s delightful Picarones, the sweet touch  of PERUVIANtextures, will leave no one indifferent!


Dates: Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th of September, 2010

Venue: The Lincoln, Kings Cross

Price: $100 ( Five course dinner w/ pisco cocktail)

$80 ( Five course vegetarian dinner w/pisco cocktail)

Time: Guests to be seated from 6.00pm to 8.00pm

Bookings at: info@peruvianconcept.com or 0413624840

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