Peruvian Master Chef Live!

This opportunity is ideal for those looking forward to becoming more familiar with the use of Quinoa and explore its potential in a wide range of applications. Chef Alejandro Saravia will be demonstrating the use of Quinoa in two occasions:

– Friday 10th of December 1:30pm to 2:00pm at the Basic Skills demonstrations stage.
– Sunday 12th of December 1:30pm to 2:30pm at the BBQ demonstrations stage.

There will be three main recipes prepared by Alejandro plus other tips for making nutritious and delicious recipes.

– Quisotto, a risotto type dish but made using Quinoa, this is quite an innovation presented by Alejandro and Olive Green   Organics.
– Quinoa Taboule, Alejandro style!
– Quinoa dessert, so nutritious and sooooo delicious.

Something important is that all recipes are quite easy to make. If you are the busy type person or the discerning entertainer, you will learn and love the presentations. Come and taste the uncomplicated ways of achieving sound nutrition for the family regardless of whether someone at home has a food  allergy problem or not.

Alejandro will be available to answer your questions and to chat with everyone about his experience with the foods from his mother land, Peru.
See you all there, Peruvian food lovers!
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