Congratulations Lima!

Here is a bit of history to learn and celebrate our culture.

On the 18th of January 1535, Lima, the ‘City of Kings’ was founded by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro.

During the exploration of Cuzco, Pizarro was impressed and through his officers wrote back to King Charles I of Spain, saying:

This city is the greatest and the finest ever seen in this country or anywhere in the Indies… We can assure your Majesty that it is so beautiful and has such fine buildings that it would be remarkable even in Spain.

After the conquest of Peru by taking Cuzco in 1533,  Jauja was established as Peru’s provisional capital in April 1534. But Jauja was too far up in the mountains and far from the sea to serve as the Spanish capital of Peru.

Pizarro thus founded the city of Lima in Peru’s central coast on 18 January 1535, a foundation that he considered as one of the most important things he had created in life.

It is said  that he marked out the main Plaza with his sword and each year on the anniversary of that day, the proud citizens celebrate with a mixture of popular, religious and military events.

From “A taste of PERú we would like to send our best wishes to this beautiful city and the proud Limeños, and invite you to check out our “A taste of PERú” – Gormet Tour, to discover the ‘City of Kings’, now recognised as the Gastronomic Capital of South America!

Congratulations Lima.


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One Response to Congratulations Lima!

  1. Soy seguidora de Lorraine Elliott y su blog Not Quite Nigella, no sabes la sorpresa de saber que escribió sobre la cocina peruana en Australia y claro, sobre tu restaurante. Me quedé gratamente sorprendida por sus comentarios.
    Muchas gracias por llevar nuestras raices al otro lado del mundo y dejar en alto el nombre de nuestro país.
    Muchos éxitos…!!!

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