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“A taste of PERú” –  Cooking Classes

Peruvian Food is typically divided into three main cuisines which we seek to demonstrate in the cooking classes, many people are not aware of the incredible diversity the various regions and climates create within Peruvian cuisine.

Chef Alejandro Saravia will take you on a Peruvian jouney, covering a broad cross section of dishes and through his fascinating world. He begins with covering the most outstanding species, native to Peru, such as the tubers –  the potato  with more than (2,000 varieties in Peru) and quinoa. They’re Peru’s legacy to the world. He will also show you different ways to experience these with stunning accompaniments such as fish or treated meat and showcase the Peruvian ancient systems. You’ll have a hands on experience learning of the nutritional benefits, techniques and delights of the world’s biggest gastronomy secret, Peruvian food.

Class will start with a complementary Pisco cocktail to set the mood and start enjoying Peruvian Flavours! Guest will receive “A taste of PERú” – Cooking Classes apron, a hand book with a brief explanation of Modern Peruvian Cuisine and the recipes.

Private classes and celebratory groups are all catered to.

See you at “A taste of PERú” – Cooking Classes!


17 Responses to Cooking Classes

  1. Pepa says:

    Hi there!
    I went to the Degustation night last October, and since then, I´m Peruvian food first fan! I was checking your web and I really like all the new projects at “A taste of PERú” and I would like to be part in some of them. I was wondering if is possible to do a private Peruvian cooking class. I would like to learn how to cook Quinoa, among other delicious dishes, and it seems like a good way to spend time with friends, while you are learning and tasting Peruvian food.
    Thanks so much.

    • alejandrosaravia says:

      HI Pepa:

      I am glad that you have become a Peruvian Food fan.

      We are planning some great events for this year that would introduce you to more exiting Peruvian flavours!

      “A taste of Peru” – Cooking Classes, are designed for all those who want to start learning about Peruvian cuisine from the basics, in a relax and warm atmosphere, trying and experimenting with Pisco, Aji (Peruvian Chilli), Quinoa and more ingredients.

      Yes! We can organise a private cooking class for you and your friends, just let us know when and at what time are you planning to do it, and we will do the rest.

      Thank you for been interested in “A taste of Peru” and don’t forget to sing in to our data base to receive recipes and more information about our events and Peruvian cuisine.

      See you soon!


  2. Pepa says:

    Hi Alejandro!

    Thank you for all the information, I already signed up on your web, cos I don’t wanna lose any of your events!

    I will keep you informed about the private cooking class, but just one thing about this,
    one of my friends is celiac and I know Quinoa is gluten free, but what about the rest of your menu?

    We are very interested in learn how to cook Quinoa.



    • alejandrosaravia says:

      Hi Pepa!

      For this class all our menu would be Celiac friendly and would have Quinoa as the main ingredient!

      Hope to see you on the 12th!



  3. Rebecca says:

    Hi Alejandro,

    When are you running your next Quinoa cooking class in Sydney?



    • coralcarretero says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      Thank you for your interest in our cooking classes!

      This month we are working on the degustation nights to be held at The Lincoln the days (21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th) and we don´t have any cooking class scheduled.

      We will keep you informed about upcoming cooking classes and if you have any question about how to cook quinoa or do you want a new recipe just let us know and we will post it for you!

      Hope to see you at The Lincoln,

      Warm Regards,


      Degustation nights

    • "A taste of PERú" says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      We’re having two cooking classes for the Sydney International Food Festival next 5th and 26th of October!

      They are focused in Quinoa, called “Discovering Quinoa, the mother grain”.

      Check details at Events.

      Hope to see you there!



  4. Craig says:

    Hola Alejandro,

    When are your next classes in Sydney and will u teahc how to make Causa?



    • "A taste of PERú" says:

      Hi Craig!!!

      We are organising two cooking classes for the Sydney International Good Food Festival, on Tuesday 5th and the 26th of October.

      We are going to be advertising them in a few weeks, but I can give you a preview. This time we would be teaching about wines and how to pair them with food, for that have invite the wine makers from Jed wines, and I will be teaching a few peruvian recipes that are bases on Quinoa as a main ingredient, so you would learn how to make a Causa with Quinoa as one of the dishes that we would cover on the day.

      Hope to see you there!

      Stay tune for more “A taste of Peru”

      Buen Provecho


  5. Debra Dunne says:

    Hi… I have sadly noticed that your Peruvian cooking classes are booked out in Brisbane :(. Any plans to do another course????? Pllllllease? My Peruvian fiancee has just joined me in Brisbane and my last attempt at Causa was a disaster worse than Chernobyl! In fact, he has just told me it was not “Causa… it was something from out-of-space”!!! 😦 So you have just got to help me! My pride is on the line!!! (Or you can just come over and chat with Manolo for old times sake!!!! – and then cook dinner!) Ha ha! Thanks… Hope to hear you are coming back soon!

    • "A taste of PERú" says:

      Hi Debra:

      At the moment I don’t have any proposals to go to Brisbane, but I would be happy to go there with “A taste of Peru” – Cooking classes.

      What I can do for you now, is guide you through some peruvian recipes online, but you would have to tell me which dish would you like to start with!

      In my opinion I would like to start with the basics, way not trying Causa again! Let me know if you have the peruvian ingredients for this, and if not I can help you find some.

      Let me know what do you think, so we can start getting hands on with Causa!

      Stay tune for more “A taste of Peru” events.

      Buen Provecho


  6. Dante says:

    Hola Chef Alejandro

    aqui siempre revisando los avances de tus presentaciones, hoy estoy con Mama Dely, hemos visto tus videos y fotos y la variedad de platos que presentas, asi como las clases que estas programando.

    De parte de Mama Dely te desea muchos exitos y te enviara unas recetas especiales, las recetas de la abula, y saludos a Coral

    Dante y Mama Dely

  7. Gaby says:

    Hola Alejandro

    Que bueno ver que la exquisitez de la comida peruana ha llegado a las costas australianas. Me mude aqui en el 2009 y me encantaria poder asistir a una de tus clases en Brisbane o de Gold Coast. Ojala tengas mas clases en esta area. Se me hace dificil cocinar aqui sin todos los ingredientes peruanos, y me pareceria interesante ver como los reemplazas o donde conseguirlos aqui.

    Buena suerte


  8. Viviana says:

    Hi Alejandro, will you be coming to Brisbane to do some cooking classes? or degustation menu’s? I would be very interested to find out when.

    I know a few people in the peruvian community who woukld love to attend both!


  9. rosa says:

    Hello , My name is Rosalid and im a big fan of peruvian food i love delicious arroz chaufa , papa a la wuancaina so so good im Puerto Rican and my husband is ecodorian we enjoy going to peruvian restaurant i completely stop eating my pr food i love your food .


  10. david oestman says:

    looking to explore peruvian cuisine, I am a student right now at Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando, Florida but have some influence in Mexican cuisine although I know Peru has become quite an influence in culinary news and would love the opportunity to visit and see the culture and diversity that Peru has, do you offer vacation pkgs with teaching? Tell me the opportunities, hablo espanol y gracias por la oportunidad. David

  11. Ian Tan says:

    Do you have a good recipe for olluco?

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