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Phone +61 (0)420 604 435
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  1. Judith says:

    Hi Alejandro
    I really enjoyed today’s class. A perfect meal and great company too. So now I need to get some of your gorgeous Aji. Can you help?

    • alejandrosaravia says:

      Hi Judith.

      I really enjoy the cooking class too!

      I can help you with the aji, I will be contacting you via email, so i can send you the prices and information about the different products.

      Hope to see you soon in another of the “A taste of Peru” events

      Buen provecho


  2. Matthew says:

    Hello Alejandro,

    I know this is kind of random, but my girlfriend is peruvian and at all the family parties, everyone always goes on about pisco sour


    the problem I have is, all the pisco I find is the chilean crap, and when i do find a peruvian one, its not much good.. The family always talk about santiago queirolo pisco quebrana. (i have no idea what that means btw, im gringo.)

    Do you know of anywhere in Sydney where I can buy some? Im thinking it would be a good present for her family and also show that im interested in peru and things like that.


    • alejandrosaravia says:

      Hi Matthew:

      I am glad that you are getting interested in Peruvian cuisine and Pisco! The best place to buy Pisco in Sydney would be The Oak Barrel details above.

      Oak Barrel
      Address: 152 Elizabeth Street Sydney near Liverpool Street.
      Phones 9264 3022
      Ask for Simon

      Let him know that you are coming because we advise you to go there and they will explain you all about Peruvian Pisco.

      We are organising a Pisco and Peruvian canape night next Wednesday 04th of August at the Oak Barrel, you can book now at 0420604435 or 9264 – 3022, cost per person Aus$50.00 and will include South American wines and Pisco Tasting.

      Hope to see you there!

      Alejandro Saravia

  3. Monica says:


    Have just moved to Melbourne… Will you be doing any classes or events down here this year or in the future???

  4. Eliz says:

    Yummy! When will you bring this to Rhode Island, USA ?

  5. Ian Tan says:

    Hi Alejandro,

    I heard that you setting up your restaurant.
    I can’t wait.
    Can I reserve a table for two now?

    Ian Tan.

    ps I love cooking your quinoa pepian and roasted chicken with aromatic herbs from your cooking class.

  6. Ian Tan says:

    After having watch Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam and watching Peter Kuruvita’s My Sri Lanka, I think you could do an Alejandro’s Peru on SBS.

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