In “A taste of PERú we believe that the use of high quality ingredients is an important part of our success. That’s why we use Olive Green Organics products.

Olive  Green Organics is an importer and distributor committed to sourcing quality certified organics. Their objectives are good food, your health, caring for the environment and the livelihood of food producers.

Check their web to find the ingredient of the month, Quinoa!!

MOVIDAS| Life is a Journey

Movidas Journeys is a fresh and innovative company specialising in travel to Latin America – Mexico, Central America, Cuba, and South America. Movidas  has years of personal experience behind them and has been working as a team for over ten years, sending travellers on amazing journeys to Latin America. They are always looking for fresh and exciting ideas.

Join “A taste of PERúand Movidas in our exiting Gourmet Tour to Peru!


We collaborate with Peru´s Challenge because we think that a bit is always a help.

The organisation was created to improve the living standards of rural communities in Peru (mainly indigenous of Quechua origin) who live in acute poverty.

With a particular focus on education, health and general well-being, Peru’s Challenge works in partnership with local residents to develop functional and sustainable schools and communities.

If you want to know more about all their projects and also do your bit, check Peru´s Challenge website!


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