Next stop: Perth!

After a very busy Christmas time, shared with family, friends and of course, enjoying Peruvian flavours, “A taste of PERúis back!

We love the idea of promoting Modern Peruvian Cuisine in Australia, and after Sydney and Melbourne, Perth is our next exiting stop.

For all those who follow “A taste of PERú“, and are in Perth from the 1st to the 6th of February, here is the list of our events, don’t miss them out!

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Peruvian Master Chef Live!

This opportunity is ideal for those looking forward to becoming more familiar with the use of Quinoa and explore its potential in a wide range of applications. Chef Alejandro Saravia will be demonstrating the use of Quinoa in two occasions:

– Friday 10th of December 1:30pm to 2:00pm at the Basic Skills demonstrations stage.
– Sunday 12th of December 1:30pm to 2:30pm at the BBQ demonstrations stage.

There will be three main recipes prepared by Alejandro plus other tips for making nutritious and delicious recipes.

– Quisotto, a risotto type dish but made using Quinoa, this is quite an innovation presented by Alejandro and Olive Green   Organics.
– Quinoa Taboule, Alejandro style!
– Quinoa dessert, so nutritious and sooooo delicious.

Something important is that all recipes are quite easy to make. If you are the busy type person or the discerning entertainer, you will learn and love the presentations. Come and taste the uncomplicated ways of achieving sound nutrition for the family regardless of whether someone at home has a food  allergy problem or not.

Alejandro will be available to answer your questions and to chat with everyone about his experience with the foods from his mother land, Peru.
See you all there, Peruvian food lovers!
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Experience “A taste of PERú” at Sails

As a part of the increasingly popular Sydney International Food Festival in October, Sails on Lavender Bay is proud to announce two ‘world dinners’ featuring Peruvian cuisine at the restaurant. For gastronomic lovers, this foodie experience is a must!

“A taste of PERúwith Guest Chef Alejandro Saravia will definitely heighten your food awareness and knowledge on Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th October.

Chef Alejandro Saravia introduces Peruvian gastronomy concepts in the form of a special 6 course tasting menu with matching wines for $135 per person. Saravia’s cuisine style is a fusion of Peruvian recipes using traditional and haute cooking techniques, which have been tailored to the Australian palate by combining local seasonal produce.

Saravia started his career working as a chef in Lima, then travelled to the United States and Europe to broaden his culinary experience working in recognised kitchens such as The Fat Duck (UK), Les Ambassadeurs (France) & La Gorda (Barcelona) to name a few…and after arriving in Australia in 2006, worked for the Opera Bar, Pier Restaurant and Salon Blanc.

“A taste of PERú”  – 6 course tasting MENU with matching wines

Drawing inspiration from his native country Peru and array of fine dining experiences, Saravia’s “A taste of PERú at Sails will be most educational. Both dinners start at 7.00pm and bookings are essential (due to limited seats).

‘We’re delighted to have Chef Alejandro Saravia onboard at Sails, and feel this will be a special treat to our regular diners and food lovers of the Sydney International Food Festival’ said Greg Anderson, owner ‘Not only will guests learn about Peruvian cuisine, but get to experience this special menu with matching wines at a great price!’.

Only an 8 minute ride from Circular Quay will tempt anyone to make the journey by ferry, as Sails is located next to McMahons Point wharf…otherwise this north shore restaurant is easily accessible by taxi, car, public bus, or water taxi.

Sails on Lavender Bay, 2 Henry Lawson Avenue, McMahons Point NSW 2060

Bookings essential: (02) 9955 5998

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“South America is ON Thursday”


Why call it TAPAS when you mean antipasto or mezze plate? Since when did “Japanese tapas” exist? …It’s time to start calling things by its name.

In South America we call it PIQUEO.

Piqueo literally means “a bite to eat” but it’s not just something to satisfy your appetite, PIQUEO involves the whole culture of sharing food and experiences over a table.

Peruvian Chef Alejandro Saravia from “A taste of PERú” continues introducing his interpretation of modern Peruvian influenced cuisine, but this time- Piqueo style.

After the success of “A taste of PERú” (April, 2009 in Mosman), “Andean Flavours” (October, 2009 for the Sydney International Food Festival at Sheraton on the Park) and “Winter Sessions” (July, 2010 at The Lincoln), Saravia goes for Piqueos at “South America is ON Thursday” for the Sydney International Food Festival 2010, held at The Lincoln (Potts Point, 36 Bayswater Rd).

Every Thursday during October, Sydney is open to enjoy a selection of delightful South American Piqueos with a strong Peruvian influence. There are eight dishes to share and taste Chef Saravia’s author cuisine. Choritos a la chalaca (Steamed Green mussels topped w/ aji, eshallot & tomato salsa) or Ostras a las vinagreta de rocoto (Fresh shucked oysters dressed w/ spicy Peruvian pepper vinaigrette) are just the beginning of what for sure will be a delightful experience.

With a complimentary Pisco (Peruvian spirit) cocktail served by one of Sydney’s best cocktail bars and also serving Argentinean Wines on the wine list, there’s no excuse to start feeling South America ON every Thursday at The Lincoln.

Bookings at:

Hope to see you there!

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PICARONES, the sweet touch!

PICARONES are a very popular dessert in Peru originated in the Viceroyalty. The main ingredient is squash and sweet potato. Picarones are served in a doughnut form and covered with a syrup, made from chancaca (a typical Peruvian sweet sauce made of raw unrefined sugar and crystallized with honey). Chancaca is often flavored with orange peel, to give picarones a bitter touch.

In Peru you can find Picarones in street stalls where Picaroneras (women who make picarones) shouting to sell the product. They are freshly made, sweet, soft and delicious!

Picarones were created during the colonial period to replace Buñuelos (Spanish  fritters consisting in wheat-based yeast dough and flavored with anise). As buñuelos were too expensive to make people started replacing traditional ingredients with squash and sweet potato.

A new dessert was created. Picarones rapidly increased in popularity throughout the country and since then, Picarones are a must among Peruvians.

Don’t miss it out! Chef Saravia’s delightful Picarones, the sweet touch  of PERUVIANtextures, will leave no one indifferent!


Dates: Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th of September, 2010

Venue: The Lincoln, Kings Cross

Price: $100 ( Five course dinner w/ pisco cocktail)

$80 ( Five course vegetarian dinner w/pisco cocktail)

Time: Guests to be seated from 6.00pm to 8.00pm

Bookings at: or 0413624840

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What does “Anticucho” mean?

For many Peruvian historians the word anticucho comes from the Quechua antikuchu (anti=Andes, kuchu=corte or cut). Others believe that it is a melding of the Quechua words anti meaning Andes and uchu meaning aji (a hot pepper). Linguists argue that it comes from the Quechua word antic-uchu, a name given by  ancient Peruvians to a very hot soup, prepared with a special pepper from the jungle.

What we know for sure is that Anticuchos are a popular and delicious dish originated in Peru, and consisting of small pieces of grilled skewered meat.

If you are in Peru you can find Anticuchos on street-carts and street food stalls (anticucheras). The meat may be marinated in red wine vinegar and spices (such as cumin, aji, garlic or annatto seeds), and while anticuchos can be made of any type of meat, the most popular are made of beef heart (anticuchos de corazón).

But, what is the origin of the Anticuchos?

According to documents in the National Library of Lima’s archives, anticuchos came to life in the 16th-century, after Peru became a Spanish colony. The Spanish brought their own style of cooking into the country, along with foreign ingredients such as beef (which replaced llama meat), garlic, cumin and vinegar. But the reality is that: were the African slaves, not Peruvians or Spaniards, the ones who mixed Spanish staples with native hot peppers to create the iconic dish now known as anticucho.

The history starts when wealthy Spaniards came to live in Peru and for that, they built haciendas to live in. In the coastal region those haciendas were cotton and sugar plantations sustained by the labor of black slaves brought by the Spaniards from Africa. The hacendados (owners of the haciendas) periodically slaughtered a cow for food, and then, they used to give the innards—which they considered garbage—to their slaves.

Because the slaves needed to eat, they were forced to make the innards edible. But how? They saw how Andean people seasoned their food with native hot peppers, and on the other side, they had access to Spanish ingredients such as garlic, vinegar, cumin and salt, through those who were working in the hacienda kitchens. So, why not mix it all together and make a sauce to season the innards? They did, and what amazing surprise, it was delicious!

Soon, the innards were diced into bite-sized pieces and soaked in the marinade for hours. The absence of proper stoves forced them to cook over a fire, and that was another problem they easily solved, how would they hold the tiny pieces of meat to grill them? The answer was easy,  sugar cane stalks were ideal skewers.

At this moment the anticucho was born.

Now, If you want to taste a delicious anticucho…Don’t miss this opportunity!


Dates: Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th of September, 2010

Venue: The Lincoln, Kings Cross

Price: $100 ( Five course dinner w/ pisco cocktail)

$80 ( Five course vegetarian dinner w/pisco cocktail)

Time: Guests to be seated from 6.00pm to 8.00pm

Bookings at: or 0413624840

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What about a fresh CEVICHE?

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, one of Peruvian ambassadors is CEVICHE, made from freshly caught, raw fish cut into healthy sized chunks, marinated in juice from limes grown solely in northern Peru (key limes), and covered with Julienne sliced purple onions.

The fame of ceviche rises from the ultra fresh nature of the fish, chili peppers, purple onions, and lime juice used in its preparation. Yet, as with all aspects of Peruvian cuisine, ceviche is subject to variation, so one can find mixed seafood ceviche, shrimp ceviche, clam ceviche, and scallop ceviche.

Behind every “ceviche” are many myths and stories. The first legend is about its creation, in fact we know that the old Peruvians used to eat raw fish, for the pre-Incas cultures raw fish was part of their diet, raw fish seasoned with sea salt and ají (peruvian chili). Sour oranges or other sour fruits were used to gently cook the fish. The Spanish contribution to the dish is the lemon. At that time, the first written recipe of a ceviche was created.

The origins of the name tells another myth, it is said that the name was created from the Arabic word “cebo” which means “small piece of food”, in a diminutive way of saying it could possibly sound like “Ceviche”.

Another legend tells that when English sailors arrived to the coast of Peru, they saw native Peruvians eating small pieces of raw fresh fish. They called it “Sea beach” pronounces by natives as “seviche”. Besides from all this exiting myths and legends there is also the big debate about the spell of this delicious plate, “cebiche”, “seviche”, “ceviche”, all of them accepted.

If you want to enjoy a fresh ceviche, among other Peruvian beautiful dishes, book NOW!


Dates: Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th of September, 2010

Venue: The Lincoln, Kings Cross

Price: $100 ( Five course dinner w/ pisco cocktail)

$80 ( Five course vegetarian dinner w/pisco cocktail)

Time: Guests to be seated from 6.00pm to 8.00pm

Bookings at: or 0413624840

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